Big Red Needs a New Suit


It’s a lot of work being the nation’s most lovable and recognizable mascot!

With hundreds of events and appearances each year, from sporting events to wedding receptions and birthday parties, Big Red, The Spirit of Western, is one of the hardest working mascots in show business, and that means the occasional wear and tear that comes with any piece of equipment.  You can help us kick off WKU’s SpiritFunder campaign in a Big Red way by contributing to the Big Red program which includes the purchase of a new Big Red suit!

A typical Big Red suit has a lifespan of approximately two years, and while there is no danger of Big Red going away, it’s time to get our favorite mascot something new to wear, and that’s where you can help! All funds raised through the SpiritFunder go directly to the Big Red program which will help to fund the purchase of a new suit as well as additional opportunities to showcase everyone’s favorite, furry mascot.

Additional funds beyond the cost of a new suit will go towards enhancing the program and starting an endowed scholarship for those students that portray the image of Big Red. Please consider making a gift today and Go Tops!






Q: Is Big Red in danger?

A: No! Big Red is in absolute no danger at all.


Q: What are the funds being used for?

A: A typical Big Red suit is used for hundreds of events each year and has about a two-year life span. Over the years, fans of Big Red have asked how they can directly support the Big Red program and the SpiritFunder gives these fans a way to help enhance the program. Funds raised will go to help purchase a new suit and create scholarship opportunities for the WKU students who portray the image of Big Red.

Spread the word!

  • Joe "Go Big Red!"
  • Robin "I remember Big Red from the beginning as a young girl. To this day he still brings an instant smile to my face and a flutter to my heart!! Go Big Red!!!"
  • Long Live BIG RED! ""
  • Chris Carpenter "Big Red is the best mascot in the world. He needs to also look the best. Go Big Red! I'm calling out all WKU Football Alums to donate. "
  • Ruth "Happy to help get BIg Red a new suit!! I was at the Diddle Arena when he made his debut... an instant hit! Big Red has a special place in my heart, as well for thousands of other fans. Let s spiff him deserving! He does represent WKU Spirit..and this Spirit needs to look good! :-)"
  • Jeff Woods "Love me some Big Red! Go Tops! "
  • Lauren Thompson "I'm doing my part to help Big Red get a new suit!"
  • Katelyn Gaines "Big Red was the first person to welcome me on WKU's campus!! He IS Western! "
  • Al Barman "In honor of my brother. Big Red 87-92"
  • Matt Morrison "Future Toppers Love BIG RED :-) Hadley class of 2033 Madeline class of 2035 Kela class of 2038"
  • Paula Williams "Can't wait to see your new suit. Go Tops and Go Big Red!!!"
  • Todd Beckman "I love Big Red!!! "
  • Jared Rosdeutscher "Go Tops!"
  • Anthony "Big Red represents the Spirit of Western! "
  • Tina Mock-Geary "Go Big Red!! Thanks for some great college memories & opportunities!! "Big Red" - '92-'94"
  • Paul and Mary "Go Big Red! We need for you to look perfect! "
  • Sarah "I love Big Red!"
  • Marc Archambault "I want Big Red to look sharp for WKU and HIlltopper nation!"
  • Kayla "Cannot wait to see Big Red rocking new threads!!!!"
  • Nathan "Get that new fur Big Red!!! Love BFF Nate"
  • Jeff Baynham "Go Big Red! "
  • Adriana "Go Big Red!!!"
  • Offer Update #1: Big Red Needs a New Suit

    Thank you so much to everyone that has made donations! Let’s keep it going to help Big Red make even more appearances to spread that WKU Spiriti!

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