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The WKU Department of Theatre & Dance will present a showcase, featuring students in their senior year of the B.F.A. Performing Arts (Acting and Musical Theatre) and B.A. Theatre programs, on January 16, 2018 at the Laurie Beechman Theatre in Times Square, New York City. This New York Senior Showcase places WKU Theatre & Dance alongside many of the top theatre and dance programs in the country. The showcase will feature 18 students, each performing three minutes of material, including monologues, musical theatre songs, contemporary commercial songs, duets, etc. After the showcase, students will network with and solicit feedback from invited agents, casting directors, coaches, directors, and other industry professionals. They will also have the opportunity to connect with other WKU alumnae, who can potentially help them establish themselves as theatre professionals in New York and beyond.

The NYC showcase will be a transformative experience for many of our students. Students wishing to perform in the showcase must work diligently over four years to attain the skills necessary for this capstone experience. These WKU Theatre & Dance students often have multiple auditions during their senior year and are trying to save enough money to move to a larger city to pursue performance. This campaign aims to help ease their financial burden by fundraising  as much as possible. We are grateful for all donations no matter how big or how small! Thank you for your help!

This trip provides opportunities for students:

  • to be seen by New York casting directors, talent agents, managers.
  • to network with WKU alumni in NYC.
  • to experience what it means to perform live in New York City.
  • to audition for shows casting during the time they are in the city.
  • to get an introduction to the city where they may relocate to after graduation.
  • to be celebrated for the great work they have been doing in the WKU Theatre & Dance Department with a public performance just blocks from Broadway.

By supporting the campaign you are:

  • helping students take advantage of this opportunity, who otherwise could not go due to cost.
  • helping students defray the cost of such a unique experience in one of the most expensive cities in the country.
  • helping students be seen by potential employers in the most important performance center in the country.
  • promoting the visibility of WKU, the Theatre & Dance Department, and the talented graduates hitting the work force.
  • helping students enter into a performance world job interview with relocation experience, peer support, and faculty support.
  • investing in the future of performing arts in the United States and beyond.

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What will happen if you do not meet your fundraiser goal?

If we do not meet our goal, we will take the raised funds and divide them equally among the students performing in the showcase. Each student will be responsible for paying for the rest of his or her trip expenses. Therefore, we want to raise as much as possible to help each student’s out of pocket expenses.

What makes NYC the center of theatre? 

Besides the great number of performance opportunities available in the city, many regional theatres and tours from across the U.S.A., hold auditions and callbacks in NYC.

What’s the difference between a casting director and an agent? 

Casting directors are hired by production companies to find actors for shows. Agents represent a roster of actors whom they submit to casting directors and producers for consideration of casting in productions.

Why January? 

Many schools do their showcases in March. By presenting ours in January, we get ahead of the curve and have less of a chance that potential audience members are fatigued from attending other showcases.

How has the showcase benefitted students in the past?

Students who have attended the NYC showcase in the past have been contacted to audition for Broadway tours, regional theatre, cruise ships, and agents. Students have also been able to network with local alumni who are able to offer connections and practical information about living in the city.

Can I come see the showcase? 

Yes! Both the NYC showcase and the Bowling Green preview showcase are open to the public. For more information or to buy tickets to either showcase, see…

What kind of material will students perform at the showcase? 

Students will perform 3 minutes of material that highlights their performance skills. This may include songs, monologues, scenes, dancing, stand-up material, or other special performance skills.

Spread the word!

  • Revusicals "Great performances by senior singer/actors and directors this week at Revusicals. Great entertainment for 2 nights of overflow audiences at no charge to audience members. Thank you all for donating your time and talents to the WKU and Bowling Green communities!"
  • Dylan Ruffra "Mason, Dont forget me once you are famous!"
  • "Best wishes to all from the Schillings/Hilbergs! Go Tops! Break a leg!!"
  • Zach "Go rock their world!"
  • Grandma J "Everyone have a wonderful time!"
  • Natalie Thompson "What an incredible senior class! I cannot wait to see how you all shine in NYC!!"
  • Audra Jones "Donation made in the name of Audra Jones. Good Luck Seniors "
  • Ellie Archer "Break a leg, guys!"
  • N/A "Love you Deanna <3 You will do amazing!! (as well as everyone else in the senior class)"
  • Justin Miller "Seniors, break legs! This is such a wonderful group of incredible talent! New York isn’t ready for you all!"
  • Kathy La Grutta "BAL Class of 2018!!!"
  • Dottie "TOI, TOI, TOI!! BREAK LEGS!!!! What an awesome opportunity! "
  • Amelia Rollings "So excited to see what you all can do! Go get 'em!"
  • Offer Update #1: Support the WKU Theatre & Dance NYC Showcase!

    We only have 6 days left to go! Please support our cause by sharing this campaign with your friends and family members.  

    We will have a Showcase Preview Show here in Bowling Green, KY on Wednesday, December 6 at 8:45 pm at the Derby Piano and Dessert Bar (…). Come out to preview the NYC showcase and support these young performers!  

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Giving Levels


d0 Backers
$1,000.00 Donation

This giving level would provide a room in the youth hostel for four students for the duration of the trip.


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$500.00 Donation

This giving level would provide a pianist for the showcase.


d0 Backers
$250.00 Donation

This giving level would cover the flight from Nashville to NYC for one student.

Stage Manager

f3 Backers
$100.00 Donation

This giving level would provide comp tickets, beverages, and food for two agents or casting directors to attend the showcase.

Broadway Baby

f3 Backers
$50.00 Donation

This giving level would provide one night for one student in the youth hostel.

Starving Artist

f5 Backers
$10.00 Donation

This giving level would provide one breakfast for one student during the trip.